Snow Plan for the City of Haven

  1. Blade Kansas Avenue, from 2nd Street to alley north of Library, to the middle of the street for removal later.

  2. Blade emergency routes which are Main Street and Kansas Avenue south to Industrial Drive (blade to curb).

  3. Blade streets in the area of the schools.  Sand and salt all school crossings and stop signs.

  4. Blade all other street to curb.

  5. Remove snow from Kansas Avenue as soon as possible.

  6. Any cars that are parted on the street in a snow storm will have snow blades operated around them.  The owner will be responsible for getting the car out of the snowbank.

  7. All cars stuck or un-movable in the driving lanes of a street or alley shall be towed at the owner's expense.

  8. All owners of any auto, truck, or other vehicle, trailer and other equipment shall make every effort possible to keep them off the streets in snowy weather.

  9. The City will blade snow into driveways, so do not clean your drive before the City has finished operating the snow blades.